Labour Law

need advice on work in germany?

Lawyer Imasi can help you. He has handled alot of labour related cases in Germany. Simply call or email us immediately


Imigration Law

Are you illegally living in Germany?

Contact Lawyer Imasi today and he will help you towards the correct path of living legally in Germany.  Don't be scared, simply call or email us right now.

Family Law

Do you want your family to join you in Germany?

The family unit is an important factor in the German society. Lawyer Imasi can help re-unite you and your family together.  Call or email us immediately so that we can help you.


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  • We give you the ultimate support, 
  • We look into all details, 
  • We listen to you actively, 
  • We guarantee your legal rights and safety

The German laws can be confusing most times.  It is therefore imperative that you have someone on your side who not only understands the law and the language but also understands English so as to better translate the laws for you.

Ignorance of the German law and the German language is not a defence nor can it be used as an excuse.  Lawyer Imasi has over 10 years of experience in German Laws and he also has a very good understanding of the German language. You need someone like him on your side when the law is against you.

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